23 May

Why You Should Start Learning Karate Now

Karate is one of the most popular types of Martial Arts in the world. Over the years, many individuals try to learn the sport. Some of them even dedicating their lives and careers just to master it. In fact, nowadays, it was getting more popular than ever. With just the next Olympics only two years away, one of the five sports that was added to the sports program that will be held in Tokyo is this – Karate.   

This makes us wonder why there is a big fuss behind this. What is so special about this Martial Arts that it is being given a significant attention especially by many countries around the world? Does this bring any benefit at all to the one practicing it? 

Karate is said to be the sports of the body and the mind. Contrary to what many believe, this is simply not a coordinated fighting between two individuals wearing a belt and a Karategi. Instead, it is in itself a moving art form. It has an intensity that is mesmerizing to watch. During an actual game, the score is determined by the number of punches, throws, and kicks an individual manages to land to the opponent. The one with the most number of points from the hits will be declared the winner. It takes great discipline to master this sport.  

Among the benefits, you will get from learning Karate are the following: 

  1. Development of Muscle Strength.

Karate is a sport that will give you a workout. Since it requires you to move around, there is no chance that your muscles won’t be developed here. The training required in perfecting every move will not only enhance a body part but the body as a whole. Plus, the regular exercises will also help regulate your blood circulation so you won’t be vulnerable to illnesses. 


  1. Development of Mental Strength

Just like any other sports, Karate requires concentration and focus. Without this, you won’t be able to form a strategy that would land you a trophy. The mind also directly affects the body. If your mind is not in its perfect condition, sooner or later it will not allow the body to function properly.  


  1. Learning of Self-Defense

Nowadays, it pays to always be prepared. Such preparations include learning ways to defend yourself. After all, you won’t know when danger will strike. Since Karate involves learning combat techniques that are useful in winning over an opponent, such could also be used in real life scenarios. Not only you are able to defend yourself, but your loved ones as well. 


  1. Improving Yourself Socially

Karate is a sport that will allow you to meet a variety of people. This is true especially for those athletes who travel to compete. You develop yourself socially as you engage with them for small talks and as you try to get along with them.  

There is nothing easy in mastering a sport. But through dedication, nothing is impossible. If you are looking for something to try, karate brings forth benefits not only on the body but also on the mind. try it today if there is a karate training center near you. If you are living in Orlando, you may want to coordinate with us. We buy houses in Orlando and transform them into a training center. 

14 Sep

Significant events in the development of Karate

Karate has created a remarkable credibility in the field of Martial Arts. Many people especially in Asia are fascinated at how this particular technique developed. Because of the wonders of Karate, many people are even dedicating their whole life to study this Martial Art.

So how was the world able to adapt to Karate?

In 1905, schools and institutions in Okinawa decided to include Karate in the curriculum of their physical education at the intermediate level. Then in 1917, the first demonstration of Chinese-style Karate was shown in public. Then in 1922, promoters of Karate made efforts to make Karate more prominent in Japan. It was in 1924 when the first Karate club in Japan was founded. It was in Keo University. Then Karate did not only settle in China and in Japan. It was then introduced to Canada in 1930. Years later, in 1939, Japan formally opened their first Karate training school. The school was then called Shoto-Kan. Then in 1945, Karate made its way to the United States. The early Chinese style was taught in the US. While Karate was gaining more followers, the promulgators decided to make a Karate association. That was when the Japan Karate Association was born. In 1949, Karate masters decided to collaborate with them and spread Karate though put the world.  That is why in 1950, Karate was formally introduced to the United Kingdom with the help of Karate masters. In 1960, Karate made its way to the Soviet Union. However, the technique was banned and unbanned for several times for three decades. The government of Soviet Union has not been fully supportive of this martial art even though it was introduced as a self-defense technique.  In 1964, a form of Karate was created in France then in 1989, Karate was finally legalized in the Soviet Union

14 Sep

Your Karate Starter Guide!

Karate is considered as one of the most influential martial art technique in history. It has been widely popular because of the different moves you can make using this martial art technique. Moreover, many people are also finding it easy to follow the rules of Karate. Indeed, it is an effective way to defend yourself just in case harm will come along your way.

Especially today that you will not be sure anymore of your safety, you will never know what might happen to you once you get out of your Tempe garage door, as an example. You will never know when people with filthy minds will go after you. It is good thing that you know some basic things about it.

So the first thing you need to know is that, Karate is basically a striking technique. Striking technique means you have to beat your opponent through quality punches, kicks and throws. You can maximize your upper body by using your knees, elbows and hands. If you are in a Karate competition, the person with the most number of strikes will be declared as the winner. But of course, just like any other martial arts, Karate also requires tactics and wit. You have to have the proper skill and a high level of experience and speed in order for you to maximize the use of this technique.

If you would ask Karate masters, they will tell you one thing first. The philosophy behind this martial art is vast and speed. You have to keep in mind that you have to be alert and you have to be mindful when using this technique. You also have to know your opponent. Knowing yourself is not enough. You have to be one step ahead of him.

Another thing you must know about Karate is that it requires a great sense of concentration. You have to concentrate and meditate to condition your mind. Clear everything in your mind. If you are sure that you are not thinking anything, you will feel that there is a great ball of energy flaming in front of you. All the force that you need will come from that flame.

It is also important that you warm yourself up. Start off by stretching your joints, legs and arms. Warming yourself up would help you avoid sudden stiffness of the muscle and of your body. Warming yourself would seem like you are making yourself ready. Make sure that your entire body has heated up. You can also choose activities such as push-ups or running.

At first, you may think that Karate is a display of violence but it actually is not. It is an art of skill and tactics. A person doing Karate is a person whose mind is clear and full concentrated. You should know how to measure your moves and your opponents’. Never put yourself into a situation that would be critical for you. Always do everything to put yourself in the safe side.