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Actikarate.com an online platform dedicated to promote one of the most famous martial arts in History, Karate.

Historical facts about karateWe are encouraging our online readers and students to rekindle the excitement and the interest they have for this famous martial art technique. We want them to appreciate Karate more than other activities that gain their attention. With Actikarate, we are confident that Karate will be reborn.

Originated in Japan, Karate has been a popular martial art technique not only in the country where it came from but also to the neighboring nations. It is also considered as one of the oldest martial art techniques that ever existed. Because of the art that this martial art possess, it is no surprising that many people are becoming avid fans of this classical martial art technique.



karate experts As Karate enthusiasts and practitioners, our staffs are dedicated to bring knowledge to people about this famous martial art. They want other people to value and preserve Karate not just as a self-defense technique but as an art that gives identity to the Japanese culture and tradition.

In this age of technological advancement, we often forget to appreciate the beauty of the things that are parts of our culture and tradition. We forget to give value to the things that give us identity and to the things that give color to our traditions.

Actikarate.com aims to promote traditions of Karate so they will remain part of our daily practices and people, not only enthusiasts, would appreciate its beauty. We aim to engage people in this martial art so they would be able to engage themselves in participating in Karate. Since we have millions of engagements daily, we are confident that we can make this happen.

If you want to be a part of our growing community, we will be please to help you.